Guest Quarters

“Let all guests who arrive
be received as Christ" (RB 53,1)” 


In the middle of a world devoid of moral values and beset by an absorbing materialism, we are witness of the deepest need that lies at the man’s heart, and pushes him hard to a search of silence, peace, in short, of God.

The community wanted to respond to these signs of the times through the reception at our guest quarters, discovering each person approaching the Face of Christ, accepting him in an atmosphere of cordiality, discretion and peace.





TIMETABLE liturgical celebrations

  Lab. Sundays and Feasts     Lab. Sundays and Feasts  
Breakfast 9 h. 9 h.  


8,30 h. 8,30 h.  
Lunch 14 h. 14 h.  


(*) 11 h.  
Dinner 20,30 h. 20,30 h.  

Midday prayer

13,10 h. 13,10 h.  

Vespers and Mass

19 h.    


  19 h.  


21,30 h. 21,30 h.  





After the 21 hours, unless emergency, will be close until 7 hours.

Breakfast times and departure of pilgrims, to agree.

Any questions or unexpected will be clarified by the Guest Quarters’ Sister on the phone: 948-550882

(*) On Saturdays, the Mass is celebrated after Lauds


Entrance hall to the guest quarters.


  Large meeting room.   All rooms are single with bathroom
Small meeting room.   Guest quarters' dining room.   Starway to the guest quarters.