" Who is the man that desireth life and loveth to see good days" (RB Prol 15.)




Can you? Do you want? What are you waiting?


Consecrated life is vocational in nature, it’s a life project that requires a spiritual determination, which affects all aspects of life, asking exclusivity, delivery, and absolute loyalty, and it’s animated by a passion: the love of God.

Internal energy, motion of the heart, which feeds all religious vocation, both in its origin and growth.

Our Holy Father Benedict XVI says, "Face this challenge without complexes or mediocrity, but rather as a beautiful way to make human life in gratuitousness and service, as witnesses of God made man, messengers of the supreme dignity of the person human. Supported by his love not be intimidated by an environment which seeks to exclude God and in which power, having or pleasure, often, are the main criteria governing the existence ".

No doubt that many have come to rethink the meaning of life from the faith and gives a generous response to God.

       A saint isn’t one who performs great feats based on the excellence of her human qualities, but humbly consenting Christ into her soul, acting through him, makes He the real star of all his actions and desires, who inspire each initiative and hold each silence. Take seriously the common vocation to holiness “under the guidance of the Gospel”  (RB Prol. 21).




Cruz JMJ entrando al Monasterio    
The Cross and Icon of Mary, donated by John Paul II at World Youth Day, vocations powerhouse, viisit our monastery.


Knowing how to answer the call of Christ, illuminated by divine grace, with determination, to offer what is in you, trusting that God never abandons those who leave everything for his glory.

Again Benedict XVI tells us: "You all have a personal calling that Christ wanted to propose for your happiness and holiness. When one is conquered by the fire of his eyes, no service seems great to follow and give the best of himself. "

We can offer you a few days of silence, listening, discernment. Sung liturgical prayer will be the climate that facilitates this meeting that your heart desires, and you can listen and answer to that inner voice that calls you to something big that God has dreamed for you.


Can you? Do You want? What are you waiting for?.

If you can and want, what are you doing with your life?

We’re waiting for you!