Our Work


“they are trully monks,
when they live by the work of their hands” (RB 48.8)


The Rule of St. Benedict accurately set the hours that the monks "will be devoted to divine things " and hours that will "work required". These works are numerous in a monastery.Montaje velos caliz

Labor a mmano en purificadoresOur works and tasks, complexs or humbles, enriches our lives; we work ourselves awakening the sense of effort, solidarity, creativity, taste for things well done

The work by its very nature, brings us closer to God. One difficulty, a problem, isn’t an occasion of stumbling, but a step on our way to God.

Taller de pinturaPius XII in his encyclical "Fulgens radiatur" (21/03/1957) has said: "One of the greatest contributions of St. Benedict to humanity is in decent working conditions."Otros purificadores

Among the various jobs that our community has done over the years, we could mention: the making of ornaments, restoration of tapestries, the binding of books and magazines, the first teaching school, etc.




Detalles de terno XVIII       Detalles terno XVIII
Dalmatic detail profiling 18th Century       Chalice veil detail shaped 18 th Century
Detalles de dalmnática s XVIII       Espalda casulla Sagrado Corazón
Chasuble detail. 18th Century       Detail of de back of ivory velvet chasuble. Embroidery in the workshops of the early twentieth MOnastery to te taste of the time


        At the present, this work activity we develop it at a textile manufacturing workshop and attending the guest quarters, and also in the various trades that the community life requires.

        Our daily community praise to God, we make it singing in liturgical celebrations. We recorded a few CDs so everyone can participate at the time they find appropriate: moments of prayer, work, travel, etc ...

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