Our roots


This monastery has its origin along the Ega’s banks, in a lush valley, always enjoying the silence and solitude so favorable to the contemplative monastic life.

According to tradition, the monastery was founded by the Kings of Navarre at the beginning of the tenth century, while the city of Estella was been built.

The first historical document where the monastery is named is the testament of the king of Navarre Theobald II of 1268.

In 1616, Fray Prudencio de Sandoval, a monk of Santa María la Real de Nájera and Bishop of Pamplona restored it, building the Church of plant and expanding its land with a beautiful garden.

Since this date the restoration began an era of spiritual and material prosperity.

Later, in 1808, our community gave hospitality to the canonisas nuns of St. Peter, from the Monastery of Pamplona that was occupied by the French troops. Two communities lived in fraternal harmony.

Our nuns also took in the nuns of the order of St Clare of Estella in 1833, during the First Carlist War.

The following year was our community who was hosted by our brothers of Irache, who gave up a part of Monastery for the nuns. And again in 1835 they had to emigrate, taking refuge in Iranzu Abbey.

After these agitations, they returned to the monastery and can continue their life of prayer and work.

From 1960 to 1971, the Community takes over a small primary school. Work done in response to the need and demand of the people.



Monasterio antiguo puerta   Monasterio antiguo en estado ruinoso   Estado de ruinas
Main facade, 18th century real Shields   Main entrance   Acces patio. Sandoval Bishop's Shield
Desprendimiento de la cúpula de la iglesia   Vista aérea del anatiguo monasterio  
Evidence of dilapidated building   In 1971, date of transfer to the Puy's hill   Church's dome fall


In 1971, because the dilapidated state of the Monastery, the community decides to transfer to a new building, until then Retreat House, located on the hill of Puy, where now lives in the shadow of the Shrine of Our Lady.


Otra visión de las ruinas   Monasterio nuevo  
Place of peace, silence and prayer   Under the protection of Our Lady of PUY   The Monastery in the foreground with the city under the watchful eye witness Montejurra.
Puerta de entrada al nuevo monasterio   Acceso a la puerta de entrada   Monasterio nuevo
With PAX welcomes visitors. Come on!   In your visit, Make your days fruitful!   From the parking you can see the front door


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