Our life

 “… a school of the Lord's service” (RB Prol 45.)



 Whoever you are ... you are far. You are close. You are rebel. You are resigned. You're limited. Has qualities. Never mind. Whoever you are. Anyway, maybe you're too full of yourself. Empty yourself. Free yourself.


These words are directed to you!



San Benito jovenA young Roman student leaves his books and his father's fortune and go to retire to a wild valley, close to Subiaco for there only please God. The hard learning of loneliness opens her heart to the true knowledge of himself and leaves a clear space for God.

And when visitors come they soon begin to admire the lucidity of this man of God. Even wanting to stay there and live with him. Benito thus becomes a spiritual guide of these new converts, test the sincerity and authenticity of his way and decided to found a community. Under his guidance all live the ardent search of God through Christ's footsteps. And this gospel life we experience is delivered by Benedict in his Rule.

It's been fifteen centuries ... Men and women are still recognized in this experience of Benito.

For us too, living the Gospel is our way to meet Christ


1. - The adventure of faith

A meeting can transform a whole life and give a new meaning. The joy comes from being able to deliver and break the barriers of selfishness to try a media adventure. We made this experience one day. And suddenly a word of the Gospel invaded us as a light and strength. The call had the face of Christ: "Jesus, one day, set his sights on a wealthy young man and loved him."

We responded with a yes that we wanted it to be free and total, like love itself, a yes that involved our whole life, today and tomorrow. For Christ and his Gospel we have renounced, to found a family, to have ourselves according to our will. We are absolutely confident in the Other, with the feeling in the heart of engaging in a way that could not deceive, to respond to the deepest desire of our being. And since then we didn’t want to prefer anything over love of Christ.


2. An art of living

What do we find in the monastery? A fellowship where we help to seek God, a lifestyle tested by generations of monks.

A God-centered life, where everything is geared to the attention of deep heart, is an art that is learned patiently and is expressed and communicated in the simplest actions: listen, pray, live fraternity.

“Listen, O my son” ..." is that the first invitation of Benedict in his Rule. Really listen. Not with a distracted ear, but with the heart. Discerning beyond words, the living word of the Other. Obey-which is another way of listening-, mutually obeyed.

Listening to the Word of God in Holy Scripture, modeled after Christ and follow Him. Listen to the brothers and hear the words of the abbot who have been chosen to lead us to Christ: obey the Spirit!

Altar de Pascua

“To apply one's self often to prayer”.  (RB 4). Harmonize the spirit with the voice to enter in the prayer of Christ. Appropriate, identify with the prayer of the psalms inspired that, at regular times, is marking the rhythm of the monastic day from dawn till night. Thanking for sharing all the wonderful food of the Lord, his Eucharist.

Learning to be quiet to talk him and search the source of all interior prayer the Spirit, the gift of Jesus that purifies the heart, that whispers within us: "Come to the Father."

“that in honor they forerun one another”  (RB 72). We have not chosen our brothers of the monastery ... but we meet the same call of God. A God who can not be loved if we don’t love each other. We share everything we have and believe in forgiveness that reconciles us "before the day is done."

The simple gestures of mutual service, fidelity to every day, care taken with each, verify the authenticity of our Christian brotherly love.


3. An open community.

“To honor all men”,  advises San Benito. Our communities want to be eligible land where those who come to it: those who want to share their prayer life, deepen their faith, and those seeking a place of silence and peace.


4. A face of the Church.

In the Church, the various vocations and charisms, far from excluding, complement each other. The Benedictine monk's vocation is to call his brothers to heart monitoring. Deep in the night announced that an aurora will be born. It has raised a hope. Should be monitored. The Lord is the only Absolute of our lives. So the monk remains at the heart of the praying Church, reminiscent of the final coming of the Lord.


5. A man's face.

At all times and in all cultures, the monastic experience has attracted men and women hungry for all. This search tends to mean that life finds its ultimate meaning in a beyond man. For us, Christian monks, the monastic way of life allows us to express our commitment to Christ in his radicalism ...


It's hard to explain what is the most intimate for us. It’s paradoxical to speak of a path made of silence ...